My week of school

Well I had a good weekend, I hope this week of school goes fine.

I wake up every morning a 6:00, school starts at 7:30 and ends at 2:35. We have seven classes a day, five normal two unified arts oh and one break.

When I first came to school I was scared, but I kept it together and I am on a roll. We have close too 175 days of school. We pretty much cover the four seasons, but we do get two months off of school.

I have seen a problem in this school and that is rudeness. The guy is Julian. He is a good guy but he is called names not good ones either. I have a plan and that is too stand up for him until it gets better.

If I was principal, man, that would be great. I would have a lot of work, but I don’t care. There would be two days of school and five days School would last for two months.


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