About Me

My name is Evan. Nickname sunscreen. Long story short, I am allergic to sunscreen. I am a nature person. You can always find me outside. I am really good at basketball, football, wrestling, baseball and soccer. You can find me playing sports outside in the front yard. I am a cool type of kid. My best friend is Brock. He is the best at football.


Do you all like animals? Well, I do too. Animals are my life. With no animals, we would all be dead. I’ve had a pet who came into my life became my best friend. He saved my life from desertion, but he died. When you notice that your pet is a life saver and died, pray for him. ┬áThat’s what I did. My favorite animal is a crocodile. I am a little stupid and want to get up close one. I think that they are interesting to be around and snakes. Snakes are really cool too. I am a kid who will stick up for you if you need help I hate bulling.

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